Cased Peristaltic Pumps: Timer Controlled

for dosing drains, grease traps, urinals and many other applications

series lds4 cased pump

Developed for timed dosing of various applications including drain & grease traps, urinals and water treatment. The unit utilises an easy to use custom programmable control unit & our standard 200 series pump head and includes features such as: Battery status indication, voltage drop compensation (for stable pump output), flow calibration, battery backup & the option to pass code protect settings. The LDS4.01B utilises a battery pack rather than individual batteries for proven reliability. The IP55 case is custom moulded in ABS, has a small footprint and is wall mountable.

Various options are available including tube types & sizes, alternative power supplies for mains connection, slave units for dual dosing & customer branding.

For volume applications bespoke software is available to either tailor the existing unit to specific requirements or even create special products for custom application

To place an order please visit our online shop or for detailed specifications of the various timer controlled LDS4 cased pumps & their configurations please follow these links:

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