Cased Peristaltic Pumps: 810

available in a range of AC and DC motor options

810 PortapumpPortapump-810 peristaltic pump

Now there is a solution to those remote pumping applications that have proven difficult in the past. The Portapump-810 is a low cost, but robust, portable peristaltic pump with an internal Sealed Lead Acid battery which delivers a flow of nearly one litre per minute (with the battery fully charged). More...Buy

LDS2 810 pumpLDS2.1-230-130 and 232 programmable dosing pumps

This range of versatile programmable peristaltic pumps, are designed for wall or panel mounting. They are self-priming up to 5 metres, with a nominal flow of 105 ml/min and fitted with Silicone tubing as standard. All pumps are installed in a high quality plastic box complete with fast prime button. More...Buy

LDS4 programmable dosing pumps810-040-187/3 and 810-040-250/3-Oneshots

Our 810-ONESHOT pumps, as the name implies, allow the user to preset a period of time via a multi range timer inside the box, which can then be activated by pressing a black button on the outside of the case. The pump will run until the time elapses and then stop. It will not re start until the push button is pressed again. It makes it ideal for small dispensing and filling operations. MoreBuy

810 cased pump810 fixed and variable speed cased pumps

Our 810 fixed & variable speed cased peristaltic pumps are available in a range of 115v AC (special order) or 230v AC (standard stock item) motor options with shaded pole motor gearboxes. Variable speed models contain a DC Speed Controller and switch mode power supply inside the box which allows 100-240VAC 1 50Hz operation. More...Buy

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